10 ways to grow your traffic from 10-10000 per month

We all come across traffic during our journey i.e. the number of vehicles travelling on the road. Similarly, web traffic is the number of users who travel to your website.

Well, this sound too lame right? Lol – Different writer across the web are writing on the same
topic hence writers like us have to use such cheap tricks to get your attention.

Let come to the point!

Getting the potential customer to the doorstep has become #1 challenge for every business. Someone said the most important thing required from the customer is money but what is actually needed is his ATTENTION!!!.

So the ideal way to get your customers to your website is by reaching them where they spending more time. This could be through desktop, mobile, etc.  But the question arises, how would you build traffic generation system which will give you consistent visitors on your site.

Well, To explore that let’s deep dive into the Master Hacks of building a Traffic at scale

Keyword Rich Long Form Content is a Differentiator

By finding out your best keywords, using them in articles & promoting it through online channels can do wonders. Your website must feature those keywords when customers search for your products. Your article must contain high search volume keywords which will drive more users to your site. This will not only drive visitors to your website but also increase the probability of users distributing article online. Writing long-form content will give you a different accreditation on Google Search. Google favours detailed content. According to SerpIQ, successful blog posts should contain a minimum of 2000 words, if you want it to rank in Google’s top 10 organic positions.

Rich long form content - Leadfactory

Facebook Boost Post is Cost Effective Solution to reach Masses

With Facebook reaching over 2 billion people, the social media platform is becoming popular among marketers.

Also, its highly specific audience-targeting allows you to reach just the right people at the right time. You can start promoting your content on Facebook which is free by just posting a link to the article on your brand’s page. You can also prepare your Facebook post for a promotional campaign by getting some likes & shares to prove its worth. Boost posts are yet another way to promote your content on Facebook. All you can do is set up a budget, choose your target audience, & click ‘Boost Post.’ In my experience, the best time to boost a Facebook post is about an hour after publishing the original article. You can set the paid campaign duration for one day by using a low budget & see how the campaign performs before considering an increase in your budget or time. Boost is the best way to reach your target audience on the scale at less cost.

Do you know that you can notify your users when they are not around?

Push Notifications are a newly launched channel which can increase traffic by 30 to 40% to your content websites.  Customers are always looking for fresh content on your site, & want to be notified when you publish your piece, without checking the site daily. You can notify them with the help of web or browser Push Notifications. These are clickable pop-up messages that appear on a browser but are different from in-app notifications. They are not only easy to install & set up but can easily notify subscribers anywhere on the browser & receive messages. You can increase your website’s returning traffic & re-engage past visitors with a push message. Example: Subscriber is free Web Push Notification Tool allowing you to send instant notifications. One Signal also allows sending unlimited numbers of push notifications to an unlimited number of subscribers.

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Generate Filtered Traffic from Quora

Blogs benefit readers with problems they usually encounter with, but a Q&A format remains always the purest expression of solving queries of readers which is done on Quora.  Quora has an additional benefit of driving targeted traffic months after being created on account of the answers posted on its platform. This is because Google Search gives first preference to Quora whenever a user types a question-based query. Hence, it is considered as the preferred platform for generating backlinks to your site.

Guest Blogs – Attract other Website Users

guest blogs | Leadfactory

Guest blogging is a great way to establish yourself as an authority within your market. In simple terms, it is about contributing a post to another person’s blog. This can help you build a relationship with the blogger anchoring your post. It can also increase your exposure by tapping into their audience & build links which helps you to secure a link back from another website. It is a win-win situation for both website owners, who want to rank higher in search engines & bloggers who are interested in engaging more readers to their blog.

Aggregate your Audience through Engagement Magnets

Bringing traffic to your website is fine but attracting quality audience to your business is more important than anything in the world. But how will you attract the right audience and moreover how would you be able to identify the type of user? Well, engagement/lead magnet on your site could be useful. It will allow you segment audience based on which buyer journey they are.

But What is Engagement Magnets?

Engagement Magnets or Lead Magnets are basically funnelled which helps you segment your audience based upon their actions on specifics you trigger. It is mainly used to build an email list to send a daily newsletter to your audience and bring them back to your site in form of returning visitors. Based on the fact that it apparently takes 8-12 contacts before the typical customer converts I would say that returning visitors are pretty important. You can implement that system by running some most creative and innovative magnets on your website.

Types of Engagement Magnets

Types of lead magnets | Leadfactory

Having said all the above thing, one thing’s sure that engagement magnet can add up to your overall traffic numbers pretty well

Are you active on Pinterest?

When was the last time you have interacted with someone on Pinterest? Probably long ago or might be never. This is because Pinterest is not a social network; it’s a visual search engine. So, we can treat is similar to Google & we might have to work with SEO for the same. It works with keywords rather than hashtags. Instagram followers might also know about your Pinterest & will be easier to convert to Pinterest followers because of their liking towards visual content.

pinterest | Leadfactory
You can sign up for a free Pinterest for a business account. There are different types of pins. Each with their own pin upgrades like a description next to the image that indicated the user the context of the pin, real-time pricing, a direct link to your site, etc. For high engagement your pin needs to be helpful with a spot-on description, detailed in a sentence or two, interesting to draw the emotions of the pinner & actionable by including a call-to-action in your description just like the above example in the above image. You can draw attention & generate traffic back to your blog by adding text to your image. One fact about Pinterest is that on an average 1 pin gets 11 repins or more & generates 6 or more website visits. You can also generate more traction & exposure to your blogs by being a part of Pinterest group boards which are a community board where other pinners can pin.

That’s it..

Generating traffic is a key challenge faced by business since ages. Though after reading you may sound it’s easy to execute the entire plan is a hell lot of a task. But not impossible. Just implement the above points into your plan and be consistent and patient. Results will be encouraging!.

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