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A Beginners Guide to Email Marketing

What is email marketing?
Email marketing is a marketing channel for reaching out to customers or subscribers who have decided to share their email address with you.

After acquiring their email address, you are entitled to send them different types of emails & promote your business. The entire process is repeated continuously, with the objective of reaching out as many email subscribers as possible.

In spite of the rise of social media and unwanted spam (which remains a bad marketing strategy), email still remains the most successful way to nurture leads & turn them into customers.

Although there are several reasons to make email marketing one of your top priorities, here are the three important ones:

Email is the No1 communication channel:
It is said that at least 91% of consumers check their emails on a daily basis.  That’s not the case any other communication channel.

You have possession of your own list:
On social media platforms, it’s most likely that your business account or even personal account can be suspended at any time, for any reason, without notice. However, when it comes to email, you have possession of your own email list. No one can steal those leads away from you.

E-mail conversion rate is better:
It is said that people purchasing products marketed through email spend 138% more compared to those who do not receive email offers.

If you are thinking about whether social media converts better, you need to think again as the average order value of an email is at least 3X higher than that of social media.

The reason for this lies in the fact that the person who has subscribed to your mailing list might be interested in your content, service or product. In addition, email communication is considered as a private one, meaning that a person is holding some level of trust toward your business.

On average, every person has 1.7 email addresses which amount to billions of email addresses globally.  Besides, people are now more easily reachable through their email accounts, as the majority of them are linked to their mobile devices.

When you consider all these points, it is clear how powerful the right email marketing approach can be.

So what are your goals?
The first thing you should think upon is the purpose of your email marketing campaign.  With an email marketing campaign, you can bring people back to your website to sell more products or services, share content or make an invitation announcement your business is doing.

Based on your business needs, you can start working on email marketing campaign you desire. Let’s discuss in detail about each of these types of email strategies & how you could increase the number of subscribers on your email list.

Depending on your goals, the following are the types of email you can create:

Newsletters are kind of emails that are related to the news on your website. This approach is usually chosen by websites that rely primarily on profits from ad revenue. Also, many B2B companies are using this strategy to generate quality trust amongst their subscriber by keeping them posted with latest trends in the industry. Newsletters can help you build stable traffic growth on your blog or website.

Owler is the competitive insights platform that provides real-time news, alerts & company insights to help you win. You can see how well they are running newsletter campaign by feeding their audience with a content of their interest. It is talking about a company called daily raise funding from investors. Talking about who do you think is better business model Daily Hunt or CVV.

Businesses that choose to craft email offers, typically belong to the e-commerce industry, real estate, and automobile industry. Specific offers are received by those on the mailing list from your company. This kind of approach provides value for both the parties as businesses can increase the number of items being sold, & the customer is also in a special position due to being subscribed to your business.

A good example coming all the way from a real estate company. See how are they optimizing Diwali festival seasons for increasing the inflow of lead. Diwali is a festival where gold plays an important part hence using 10gm gold on the spot booking won’t impact the business in return of hefty purchase demand.

If your business is selling a product to your subscribers, then this approach is the best way to notify them about the new features of a product. This approach seems perfect for a customer retention strategy. You will see a lot of automobile company using this strategy to announce a new model and when it is planned to launch. Showrunners mainly prefer using this type of email. It can also find a place in businesses that offer to sell software tools to their clients.

Hyundai promotional email on their new car launch

Email Triggering:
For those who choose to leave your shopping cart, you can build a system that will remind them that they have abandoned the cart & discarded the purchase. The best thing is that this process can be automated completely, & brings an improvement in customer conversion rates.

This is interesting, I have added this course to the cart and reached till payment page but then got into something and left it incomplete. Within 24 hours I received an email from Udemy with 40% discounted cost to intrigue me to enroll.

Increasing awareness:
This invitation is usually a mixture of a newsletter & offers email, sent out to the whole mailing list. If your business is holding a kinda in kind of an event, like a launch, or a webinar, then this is the starting point that will drastically increase awareness. People in the mailing list are asked to contribute in the event either by watching or making a purchase.

Depending on the goals you have set for your business, you can cycle several types of emails sent to your subscribers, which will maximize the effectiveness of your email marketing. But, before we get into more details about optimization, let’s go over the subscriber list growth and find how it should be created.

UCLA Anderson is School of Management based out of USA which is targeting MBA Aspirant who are planning to GMAT with a wish to pursue their career abroad. Webinars are used to enter the audience into a funnel which can eventually help companies to drill them down to the end funnel i.e sales.

Now since we experience some of the used cases of companies who are actively doing it. Let’s focus on understanding how to enlarge the number of subscribers on your email list?

Provide value in exchange for emails:
Work on building a system that will encourage people to leave their contact details.

For instance, you can offer a free e-book to your readers that can provide value, in exchange for their contact email. Besides, you can craft special offers that are merely subscriber-specific. This is a great encouragement that will drive a higher proportion of visitors to subscribe to your mailing list.

Remind users to subscribe:
Having a subscribe button on a page is the best approach for growing your mailing list. On some pages, you can make the button more prominent, but in the end, the user should be able to subscribe from any page of your website. For this, you can periodically run a banner on top of your site pages, the header.

In addition, you can use other marketing channels like social media network to alert people about your email list.

Highlight the subscribe button to make it more visible:
Subscribers should always be able to notice the subscribe option quickly & easily as this will increase the growth rates of your list, as a higher number of visitors will be able to see the button.

For instance, if the entire website is dominated in one color, make use of the other color to attract the visitors’ attention. They will immediately help them to know where they need to click to subscribe.

Make the opt-in form as trouble-free as possible:
When a user is subscribing to your email list, make sure they require as few steps as possible. Always create a simple opt-in form. Avoid using forms that need too many details as people hate wasting time, therefore, filling up the opt-in with their email & name is enough for you & also let them fill in the details quickly.

Always know who you are targeting:
It is necessary to think about who is & will be joining the email list. Build a system that will allow you to find out the age & gender of the subscriber. This will also make personalization of emails a much simpler task.

Welcome & exit frames:
These are best frames when asking for contact information. When a user visits a website, this should be a welcome message with a structured popup, & when they are finished, there should no issue with an exit pop-up before they close their browser tab. This will help ensure that a higher number of people subscribe to your email list.

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