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Marketing methodology designed to draw visitors in rather than outwardly pushing a brand above all generate leads.

Inbound Marketing

Why Real-Estate Marketing Should Go Inbound

Inbound Marketing in Real Estate

Every marketer today is looking for the best marketing method to generate leads. Recently, most of the marketers including the real estate ones have realized the importance of inbound marketing. The marketers today have understood that inbound marketing is cost effective and an amazing tool to hit their target audience.

The internet has changed the way people used to buy properties 20 years before. At the same time, the internet has thrown a myriad of ways of marketing. And it has become overwhelming for even the seasoned marketers to decide the right kind of marketing.

The real estate is a booming industry and hence, it keeps on adding more feathers to its investment cap frequently. Now, to attract potential customers, it is imperative on the part of the real estate marketer to use such techniques that will not interrupt the user, provide useful information and drive him/her easily to the point of sale. If you cannot achieve this with your traditional marketing technique, let inbound marketing do it for you.

Before we move forward, It is important to understand how inbound marketing is different from outbound or interruptive marketing.

Outbound Marketing:

A very popular marketing technique that is forcefully pushing the user towards the brand is Outbound marketing. Traditional marketing such as the ads of TVs and Radios, banner and display ads are examples of outbound marketing. This kind of marketing is also known as Interruption marketing. The marketers drag the attention of the viewer from its main task and divert it towards his/her products or services.

Inbound Marketing:

The inbound marketing, on the other hand, focuses on your target audience. In place of those pushing messages and ads, inbound marketing will provide a specific room to establish your brand image. Also it facilitates a pathway through which the potential customers automatically come to the brand.
Content marketing is a kind of inbound marketing. Some of the notable examples include blogs posts, infographics, social media, white papers, and informative videos.

For instance, a blog post explaining the benefits of investing in Bengaluru properties or why one should invest in Mumbai will educate people about their subconscious queries and the information will automatically drag the consumer to the real estate brand.

Have a look at the below screenshot:

The Kanakia Group has produced a number of articles about the benefits of investing in Mumbai. The pieces of information will seek the attention of only those, who are looking forward to investing in a city like Mumbai. People will read the information and reach out to them for their queries. And this is what, inbound marketing is all about. Selecting the target persona and diverting them towards your business.

Let us dive in detail about the inbound marketing process for real estate and how it will help the marketers generate great leads.


The inbound marketing process for real estate will make use of quality content, search engine optimization, and social media to drive the attention of the prospective buyers. When the steps are implemented correctly, these methods will generate potential leads, convert the leads into sales and the company will get satisfied clients who will provide referrals for repeat business. The inbound marketing process for real estate is divided into the following steps:

Inbound Marketing Funnel

  • Attract website Visitors: Social media, Content Marketing, Search Engine Ranking
  • Convert visitors to leads: Visitors will download the information and contact the seller.
  • Convert leads to sales: Follow up from the company via email or sales
  • Convert sales to referrals & repeats: Provide the customers with a useful post buy information through email campaigns.

Why inbound marketing is a good fit for real estate?

As per a recent survey, 68% of the inbound marketers have felt that their marketing strategy was effective and on the other hand, 52% of the outbound marketers felt that their marketing strategies are not getting desired results. Just by pushing ads on the customers will not get you leads. People are bored of cold calls and the interruptive ads on their screens. 90% of the people have unsubscribed from receiving ads that are no longer useful to them.

Here are some of the notable reasons to take your real estate project on a boom with inbound marketing:

  1. Chances to be found online:

    Do you know the Google search engine caters to almost 3.5 million search queries per day? As compared to the other traditional marketing techniques, you have better visibility online. Inbound marketing will help you grab the attention of your prospective buyers. You need to not look for your potential buyers, your buyer will search for you and reach out to you.

  2. Target and return:

    When we talk about outbound marketing, we are targeting anyone and everyone. But, in case of inbound marketing you know you are hitting the right customers. For instance, we talked about the blog of Kanakia group in the earlier part of this blog. The topic was “benefits to invest in Mumbai”, this piece of information will be read by only those who are interested to invest in Mumbai. This is how inbound marketing helps to screen the right customers.

  3. Building trusts with prospects:

    We have always observed a lack of trust between real estate agents and buyers. The property buyers are under the perception that the real estate agencies do not care about their wishes and concerns.
    Inbound marketing can help you break these perceptions. By providing quality and informative content, you can educate people. The user will go through the blogs, articles, premium offers and so on, this will make them believe that they are being heard. When the customers are getting the right information from your company, they will trust you more.

  4. Stay connected:

    The process of real estate is a long one. You cannot say that once you have sold out the property, your task is over. It is compulsory to be in touch with the prospects and retain them for a lifetime. You need to continuously keep in touch with them with valuable information, great offers and so on to keep them close but the big question is how to do this? And the answer is inbound marketing. The inbound marketing strategy line Hubspot will keep you at the forefront and your customers would love to come back to you always.
    Inbound marketing is the need of the hour and if you have still not thought to add it to your real estate marketing strategy, it is high time that you do it.

Reach out to Leadfactory and we shall help you with the latest inbound marketing strategies and take your brand to the hearts and minds of the potential buyers.

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Inbound Marketing

Customer is looking for Content, not Your Ad

Customer Is Looking For Content, Not Your Ad

Don’t Try To Interrupt Just Interact with your Potential Customer!

The digital marketing industry is moving fast. We already know that today, businesses have resorted to digital against traditional. When we talk about digital marketing, content is the king. The marketers in every sector are looking for new resources in each vertical to reach out to their audiences.

There was a time when content on the web was only about keyword stuffing. Today, the perception has changed in its entirety. In today’s break-neck pace, online marketing has become more than just some buzzwords and industry jargons.

Why we are paying so much attention to the content? To answer the question, we have come up with the following statistics:

  • 78% of CMOs believe custom content is the future of marketing. (Source: DemandMetric)
  • Content marketing is 62% cheaper than outbound marketing and it has the ability to generate three times more leads.
  • Approximately half of the people from the age group of 19 to 49 years are reading the news and information online, the numbers are increasing every day.
  • The small businesses with effective and quality blogs are achieving 126% more lead growth than the businesses without them.
  • 61% of the Indian customers ended up purchasing the product, after reading the recommendations on a blog.

That being said, no business can deny the importance of content. By content here, we mean quality content. In 1984, an average person witnessed 2,000 ads per day and the numbers have increased to 5,000 today. This is nothing but an Ad overload. Viewers are tired and fatigued out by looking at the vibrant and jazzy ads now and then. They want something concrete, they want something personal, they want some conversations, they want quality content.

“Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai” Campaign:

We know one such company who has utilized content marketing up to its best and have enjoyed marvelous results. The company is Asian Paints and it has made use of beautiful colors along with heart touching content in its “Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai” campaign.

Asian Paints Blog

The above screenshot explains how Asian paints is helping people utilize the power of colors to add elegance to their homes. They have informative blogs such as “The Power of Patterns”, “Fifty Shades of Blue and Suddenly a Church” and so on. The information is so pristine and original that people will automatically trust the words and ultimately the brand. The aim of the company behind creating such information is to educate people on how they can play with various colors and patterns of Asian Paints. When the customers would understand this, they would come to the company for their requirements.

Having said this, it is not easy for everyone to create the top-quality content. We are here with some tips that will help you create the best content for your customers:

Write what your customers would love to read

Your blog should be a crisp piece of information that your customer would love to read. We know it is a difficult task but with a little research on the personas and preferences of your customers, you can do that. You need to dive deep into the social media handles and read the conversations. This will guide you to create a flawless piece of content for your customers.

Take this example:

Ads with Quality Content

When you search the query, ‘investing in Panvel’ the search engine provides the first link as – “TOp 5 reasons to invest in Panvel” – this comes from the very popular Wadhwa Group who is a giant in real estate. Instead of promoting its properties, it is giving the customers a few good reasons to invest in Panvel. Well, that’s called creating a pull strategy and not push (a typical way used by many developers).

Answer best possible questions from the personas:

We understand that creating a blog content is not as easy as said. One great way to create effective content is to think about what questions your target personas will have in mind while looking for your products. For example, if someone is looking out for Asian Paints, he would want to know about what kind of colours the company makes use of, its quality, what is the difference between Oil Paints and textured paints and so on.

Establish Thought Leadership:

Your content should not be blatant self-promotion, it should be a thought-provoking article approaching the viewer and bringing him closer to your brand. As a business person, you need to throw some insights, talk about various topics, provide information about the current affairs and so on. This way, you can build trust among your customers and they will be automatically driven towards your brand.
Talk about the latest trends:

Customers are smart today. Before purchasing anything, they wish to know the product from the bottom so that they do not end up purchasing anything wrong. As a businessperson, your duty is to provide all sorts of the latest information on your product range and the future implications of your products and services. If the customer has received satisfactory information about the product, he or she might turn out as a valuable customer for your business.

Content is branding and not a sales pitch:

Your ads along with the content are important but your content should be aimed at emphasizing your brand. Do not promote a sales pitch through your content. For the promotion of your products and services, there are many other techniques, keep your content limited to provide quality information to your customers. Extend your hand to your customer and act as an expert in the field. Share knowledge and hit it right. Here are our work and ways of looking at Ad from a content perspective.

Informative Ads Sample

Look at above ad, which is very neatly created by our team sometime back for the Adhiraj Capital City.

We know that Navi Mumbai is a hub for real estate these days. In the cutthroat competition, consumers are looking for the right information. LeadFactory has created this crisp and powerful ad copy that covered two important things:

  • Valuable information (content)
  • An interactive design to grab the attention.
  • The Power of the Subconscious:
    Your content should be meant to educate people. In this hyper-communicative world, mostly our sub-conscious mind is taking decisions for us. Your content should create a small space in the sub-conscious mind of the customer. When you have provided your customer with the right information, the customer will take a quick decision about your product when he/she comes across it next time.
  • Put yourself in your viewers’ shoes:
    Last but not least, you need to put yourself in the viewers’ shoes and think if the blog you have created would be a good read for you. Do not talk blatantly in the blog, talk in a conversational way and try to come closer to your customer. The blog should make them feel that they are being heard. Your content should showcase how you are better than others.

Nowadays, quality has outperformed quantity. Instead of throwing hundreds of worthless ads, give your customers an opportunity to go through some valuable information about your product or service, you will surely see an upsurge in your sales soon.

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Inbound Marketing

Generate traffic the Hubspot way?

Website traffic generation through the Hubspot way

Looking For Organic Traffic🧐

If you’re a marketer, you must have heard about HubSpot’s massive growth from scratch to $271 million revenue in a decade. In the world of competitive online marketing, there is a reason why HubSpot ranks #5th in terms of traffic worldwide built with an audience of several million users through blogs & social media connections. With over 38M in monthly traffic you will be astonished to hear that Hubspot generates 6000-8000 leads per month just through inbound. Hubspot generated 99.53% of total traffic organically (Source)

This is the reason you should follow the Hubspot approach to scale your traffic, leads and eventually scale your business. If yes, let us deep dive into the marketing tactics.

The Big 3 Social Media Platforms

Every business today is relying on social media, but not everyone gets the ROI by pouring in efforts. The best part about HubSpot is that it combines the strengths of different social media platforms & later converts the traffic into leads through engagement magnets. HubSpot use Facebook videos as lead magnets by providing tools at no cost in the comment section of those videos.  HubSpot relies on LinkedIn to divert traffic to their Facebook posts, instead of posting video content on LinkedIn.

Click-through rates on YouTube video are comparatively low, so instead of driving traffic to Facebook posts, HubSpot drives traffic to an inbound marketing evaluation strategy by collecting leads & closing deals by converting them.

With this strategy, HubSpot funnels social media channels with most followers & engagement, & then creates a way to drive organic engagement on that channel & turns them into leads.

Chatbot Marketing for Lead Generation

Since its inception, Facebook Messenger bot has become one of the top marketing tools, particularly in the tech industry. Also, the average opening rate is over 80% in Facebook Messenger compared to email open rates which stand around 20%. HubSpot focuses on creating opportunities through lead magnets wherever possible. Another way of generating new leads is by making use of a Facebook Messenger bot on their fan pages.

Content Upgrade for Blog Post

One of the lead generation strategies that are effective is a content upgrade which is to include an additional piece of content as a lead magnet in your blogs. This helps to warm up your visitors first before trying to convert them. You can also spot a content upgrade for every blog post which HubSpot writes. This makes lead magnets more compelling as they are more relevant to what the visitors just read.

Lead Generation by developing a Free Tool.

HubSpot had launched various Free tools to generate traffic and leads without Google Ads. By spending few thousand of dollars Hubspot is generating 7 figure worth revenue by simply creating below free tool for its users.

  • Email Signature Template Generator

    Using a unique email signature has become a trend today. You can use a signature that makes your email stand out from other & impresses the recipient, be it personal emails or business emails. Offering your potential customer a personalized experience is important for effective email. Email signatures can be acheived by using the best email generator tools available, Hubspot being one of them. You simply need to fill out all your personal information, adding links to your social media in the same form. You can then customize the style by choosing a theme, font, colour, text or image CTA & HubSpot Academy certifications you completed if any. This can add credibility to your name & company. Once done, you can use it within any email provider, including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, etc

  • Invoice Template Generator

    In organizations where the invoicing process is disorganized can be dreadful.  Creating an invoicing process isn’t an easy task to accomplish. It requires some strategy, alignment, a handful of decisions that could impact your business long-term. You can make use of free HubSpot Invoice Template Generator to create professional invoices in minutes. It aims to ease the process by allowing you to easily create & download professional invoices to send to your customers. You just need to fill in your business details in the invoice template to add data to the statement, customize the colour & logo that fits your brand, download it as a PDF & send it to your customers. By giving it for free Hubspot expects you contact details in exchange and generate more

  • Blog Ideas Generator

    HubSpot’s free Blog Ideas Generator tool gives marketers an opportunity to look for blog post ideas in a matter of seconds.


  • Make My Persona

    Make My Persona is HubSpot’s free tool that guides you through a series of questions designed to organize & better understand buyer persona research about your ideal customers. Post completion, you are presented with a fully customizable, persona document highlighting important details about your target audience.

  • Marketing Plan Generator

    Marketing Plan Generator is HubSpot’s high-level template that helps marketers outline their annual strategy; identify significant initiatives & helps in tracking the right metrics annually.


Lead Generation through Referral Traffic

One often overlooked strategy that can have a great impact is referral traffic. Referral traffic is important to inbound marketers as it sends potentially qualified visitors to your website from trusted websites increasing your content’s visibility to a new audience, giving you the opportunity to convert those visitors into leads & finally into a new customer. When someone visits your website from another site they usually click on a link. Search engines consider these link as positive ranking parameters especially those coming from trusted websites. You can submit website to your niche online directories in order to generate most of the website traffic.  

Online forums are another great source of potential leads to generate traffic. Before pouring efforts on your forums, make sure that – forum is active and must include your brand name with a Call-to-action link. Hence, drive traffic to your website.

Community Marketing for Helping Your Highest Revenue Customers

Funded by HubSpot Labs, an R&D arm within HubSpot, was an online website for marketers to connect, learn &  find jobs. This online hub alone generated around 250,000 website visitors every month. It is challenging to manage & develop a community which joins & then leaves after a few months. HubSpot provides a platform for experts to share their “insider information” on everything inbound marketing to help their marketing agency partners. It maintains a high level of quality control over every Inbound Original post that gets published on the website. However, is replaced with a new platform called But, how the new platform work is still a mystery; except for the fact that Inbound users would be able to migrate their pre-existing profiles.

The keystone would be to build thriving community around your brand by adding value that people couldn’t find anywhere else.

Explore Instagram by Partnering with Micro-Influencers

To improve the engagement rate of HubSpots’ followers, they use their huge Instagram followers as HubSpot Partners. These Partners act as a micro-influencers and are highly valuable as a result improve engagement rate. You can also find micro-influencers in your industry on Instagram & assign them a hashtag which they can use to create social buzz for your brand. HubSpot did the same by using their community of HubSpot partners who create & post authentic images/content for them through Instagram using the hashtag #hubspotpartner.

HubSpot using their community of HubSpot partners to create & post images or content for them through Instagram using #hubspotpartner.

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