Driving Traffic To Your Site Vs Running A Lead Campaign

We can understand the Lead campaign and content creation with the following statement. The content marketing institute rightly says, “You create content either to generate lead or demand”.
Every business today is running behind generating leads but how many of those leads are their potential buyers? If we sit to analyze these facts and figures, the figures would be disappointing. To create a better understanding of what I said earlier, let us have some differences between driving traffic towards your website vs running a lead campaign.

Driving Traffic to Your website:

There are many ways to drive traffic to your website. You can do it with the help of creating a series of organic links and content or you can do it through a paid ad. Here we would focus on driving traffic to your website by generating the real demand for the products and services.

For instance, Mr. X wishes to move to the city of Mumbai and he does not know whether he is taking the right decision or not. He took the help of the internet and typed the search query ‘moving in Mumbai’. As soon as he did this, he found a beautiful piece of the article – ‘Moving to Mumbai? Here’s the ultimate home guide ’-provided by the Rentomojo.

Pay a little attention here is see what happened. Mr. X is looking for a property in Mumbai but he found a piece of information that will tell him why he should come to Mumbai and what should be the factors to keep in mind. He will go through it and if he is satisfied by the content and information, he will subconsciously trust REntomojo and go to their website to see what they have to offer.

This is how one should drive traffic to one’s website. By providing this piece of information, Rentomojo created a demand for a residential property in Mumbai and once that is done the traffic will be diverted to the website. This will help the company convert the traffic into serious leads and this what we aim at.

Lead Generation Campaign:

Lead generation is all about pushing the direct promotional content to the user thereby forcing him to visit the website and inquire about the product despite he not being interested in the same. This way, the companies are able to generate traffic and get personal information about the visitor. Later the sales personnel shoots spam leads and harass them till eternity.
However, lead generation does not end here. Lead generation is an extensive process of buying media, targeting users and optimize the landing page.
Running extensive lead campaigns do not harm your business but they do not benefit it as well. The lead ads do bring traffic to your website but most of them do not qualify to become your customers. “Demand generation is important rather than lead generation.”

Once the consumer identifies the need of your product or service in his life, he will reach out to your website and convert himself into your customer very soon. Ideally, lead generation should follow the demand generation campaign with the help of pristine inbound marketing tactics. Give your customers the reason to come to you and see the results.

Driving Traffic and Lead Generation:

Instead of focusing on both of the concepts individually, you can combine these techniques for desirable results. For instance, Mr. X is the owner of XYZ construction and Mr. X has developed a lush township in the vicinity of the city Pune. Instead of imposing people to come and look at the township, Mr. X must instill the demand of why people should come and buy the property in the township. Once the demand is generated, Mr. X can run lead campaigns where he would gradually receive queries and details of each of the visitor. The lead generation and lead acquisition plan will help Mr. X in screening the final set of potential customers for his project.

Here we present five real-life cases where companies are taking help from inbound marketing by paying focus on the content, driving traffic to the website and generating leads that have the potential to convert into customers.

1. Salesforce: Leveraging the content to market the cloud

Salesforce was successful in generating leads with the help of launching a content rick microsite for the target audience. It managed to effectively promote its brand through multiple channels and they have drawn results during the first month of this implementation. Their website traffic was up by 80%, there were 6,500 newsletter signups, ebook downloads and the converted leads was close to 10,000.newsletters


When the company was going through a tough phase, the company forgo the traditional marketing campaigns and focused more on brand journalism. This helped the consumers look at the various potential improvements the Cisco products are bringing to their lives.traditional Marketing

3. Dell:

Dell has always believed in following the multi layered marketing approach. They are running lead campaigns but they are also encouraged to have a look at the customers’ feedback. They run their campaigns on facebook, twitter, by featuring educational videos for their customers. They are also leveraging mobile technology to attract response with the help of marketing emails. Due to these technologies, the company garnered an impressive five-fold increase in the app downloads.
These companies have applied the clear cut techniques of inbound marketing and have kept the customer preferences on the top and the results are in front of us all. Generate your website traffic in such a way that no visitors comes out of your funnel without being converted. Do not beat around the bush, hit it right and enjoy the results.Multilayered Lead campaign

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