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How to create an email newsletter that drives more clicks?

You might have written & published an interesting blog post on your blog. But why is nobody reading it? Are your blog posts hurting your business? Did you promote your post with email? Let’s figure it out.

Email marketing still remains one of the most successful methods for direct communication with your readership. You can drive up your great email list with social contests; feeds & opt-in pop-ups to generate emails to drive tons of traffic to your blog posts.
Plenty of email marketing opinion focuses on getting people to open your emails, & that’s certainly essential. Even though your emails have been opened, you still have another barrier: getting subscribers to engage with the content, & make them follow the links to your offer. A successful email newsletter design plays a huge role in this process.
We will be sharing tips with you to create an email newsletter to get your customers to drive more clicks. This can help you build a better relationship with your customers, & thereby close more sales.

Subject Line
When it comes to emails, good newsletter subject lines are critical to success. Why are email subject lines so important? Why should they be catchy? The reason is they’re effective! We are stuffed with work and social compulsion and simultaneously bombarded every now & then by technology from all sides. One such example is email.  In order to rapidly filter out unwanted email, particularly when it comes to marketing emails, people will resort to evaluating email subject lines. And so, if a newsletter subject line is not able to grab eyeballs, it is either discarded or considered spam. It is said that around, 67% of email recipients report emails as spam based only on newsletter subject lines.

It is advised to keep the subject line straightforward with roughly around 30-40 characters is considered ideal. A boring subject line does not encourage customers to open an email. Always avoid excessively promotional ‘free’, ‘buy now’, ‘big discount’ type phrases as when it comes to email marketing, the best subject lines tell them what’s inside, and the worst subject lines sell them what’s inside. You should avoid ‘SHOUTING’. You can also localize keywords to target your customers and improve open rates.

Using Right Email Template
You need to follow a few important specifications, to make sure your email newsletter looks good in the inbox.
More than half of all email is opened on mobile devices, so it of utmost importance that you will need to go for email design templates that are responsive which resize both texts & images.
If you are making use of a professional email service provider like MailChimp or Aweber, then all their email design templates are submissive with this design specification.

Email Newsletter templates

The above image is an example of canvas email design templates. You have the option of choosing from a large number of email design templates which are responsive i.e. which resize both images & texts when emails are opened from mobile devices.

Email Branding
Your email newsletter to some extent will represent your brand as it will include your logo, the same photo or avatar which you use across diverse social media platforms. This will help recipients recognize you, which will boost trust & thereby drive clicks & engagement.
Consistency is the key, avoid switching your email newsletter design templates. Prefer, using the same template for the same type of emails helping them to become familiar with it.

Email Marketing Blunders

The above image is an email newsletter created by our team of LeadFactory. In the email newsletter, you can see our company logo which helps in representing our brand. The logo will boost trust & help in recognizing us & thereby drive engagements.

Keeping your Font under Control
While seeking email newsletter design, typography has to be given paid attention. The fonts you choose can have a huge impact on how your newsletters will be perceived.
While some people opt for regular & bold versions of fonts for body text & headlines, while few prefer using different fonts.  Whatever you choose, keep it simple. Choose for readability & avoid making your newsletter look fancy. Avoid having your email newsletter looks cluttered & uncoordinated.
Sending your email from a familiar sender can help keep your brand consistent.
Sending emails from a person associated with the company, with a real name in the email address, improves trust.
Avoid sending an email with a “no-reply” address, as subscribers won’t be able to revert back to your email, which is bad for sender reputation as well as future email deliverability.

Give Attention to Images
It’s difficult to work out on the right balance of images in email newsletters.
On one side, two-thirds of email subscribers prefer mostly images, while on the other; there are people who disable images. That’s why first figure out whether a background image is really necessary for your email newsletter. If not, just leave it out.
In case, you are using images, make sure you choose images that are crisp & clear as images help readers to connect with the content of your email, keeping their attention focused on the right area.

Best Email Newsletter Sample

The above image used by our team in one of our email campaigns is an example of how short & clear the image is, helping the readers to connect with the email content & keep them focussed at the right place.  

Set the Mood with Color
Colour is a vital aspect of any email newsletter design & helps with brand recognition. It is pleasing aesthetically & can influence purchases. Using colour to set the mood can help you stay true to your brand. So, whilst your logo remains the same, you can use seasonal images within the body of your newsletter, helping your subscribers flow into the emotions associated with these colours.

Keeping Short Text
With website visitors on your website, your goal will be to keep them on the site & engaged with the content. However, with an email newsletter, it’s different. Here your goal with an email newsletter will be to get them out of their mail inboxes & onto your site or landing page.
That’s why it is preferred to keep your text short.
Even with short text, you can make people click through by leading with a great headline & avoiding being too promotional.

Make It Able to Read
Even with short emails, not everyone reads all your emails. That’s why it’s vital to make them readable. The way you arrange your email newsletter can help you sort out with this. Since images draw the attention, where you put them will influence what people see. You can also make use of subheads & bullet points to keep people reading & lead them to your call to action.

Taking Care of Email Convenience
It is said that millions of people worldwide have disabilities like visual & hearing impairments, etc. It’s a legal condition in many places to make sure people with disabilities can easily access your communications. You too should adopt this good practice.
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