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What is Link Building? Definitive Guide for Link Building for 2019

Link Building! A Definitive Guide…

What’s Link Building?

Link building is the practice of promoting your website to other website owners with the main goal of securing a link on an independent website back to your own site.

Why Link building?

Google search is based around links. Links help in driving referral traffic & develop relationships. The more links you have from authoritative & relative websites, the better your website will perform when searched for relevant queries.

When Link building came to light?

Link building gained recognition with the rise of Google in 1998 & is still essential today in 2018.

Who uses Link building techniques?

Website owners, marketers, etc are using various link building techniques to increase traffic to their website through search.

How to Build Links?

Guide for Link Building in 2019
There are so numerous techniques in Search engine Optimization (SEO) & one such popular & accepted technique is link building.

Marketers & business owners will be interested in link building to drive the referral traffic & to increase their site’s authority. Websites with more backlinks tend to earn higher rankings.

There are plenty of SEO techniques for link building but there’s a difference between the black hat & white hat techniques.

Blackhat SEO technique refers to the use of aggressive SEO techniques & tactics which focus only on search engines, not on the human audience & disobey search engine guidelines whereas white hat SEO techniques obey search engine rules & their terms of services to improve the website.

Let’s focus on some tips for building links using white hat SEO techniques:

You can ask for links from friends & partners

This is one of the easiest ways to build links for your website. Think about your friends, relatives, partners who have their own blog or websites.  Try to approach influencers & ask them to follow your site or blog about you. You can also contact industry experts to review your product or blog. This way you will increase your network by getting backlinks & getting testimonials that will increase your visibility in the market.

Write testimonials:

Testimonials & reviews represent trustworthiness of a brand or a product. This can help you submit your URL while writing your experience about the other complimentary business’s product or service. Basically, you need to find a business who is different than you but caters the same audience segment. It can be a win-win situation for both. If you testify their product & earn backlinks for your site or blogs. You need to find trustworthy brands, their website, & review their product & service & generate some good links for your business.

Why don’t you start writing blogs?

Writing your own blog will keep your website alive by sharing a regular post. For this, you will have to generate good & useful content for your clients as well as leads. You can share your blogs on social platforms by promoting your content. But make sure the content what you will be sharing should be well structured, related to your business & relevant to your audience.

Guest blogging:

Guest blogging is one of the efficient ways to get backlinks. You can start building a relationship with other website owners by writing the guest post. By doing this, you can earn admiration, sponsorship & also a good backlink that will help your site in gaining authority. Since there are plenty of websites which allow your guest posts, so you should first create a list of them, research those & then reach out to website owners. When you are contributing as a guest author by writing a guest post, make sure that you are not promoting your company or yourself.

Guest posting & competitor’s link building are said to be evergreen strategies & are not going to change their value.

Here we saw what guest blogging was. Now, let’s focus on building a link from competitors.

Competitor’s Link building:

There might be several techniques for getting backlinks to your business and this is one of the best techniques. A variety of tools available for site audit where you can audit your competitor’s website & analyze their backlink sources. Semrush is one such tool, where you can enter your competitor list & see the list of their backlinks. You need to sort out these result for only DoFollow links & export them in an excel sheet. Post this, you have to enter potential keywords & see whether your competitors are getting backlinks by using those keywords.

Turn mentions into backlinks:

You can find the non-linked brand mentions & turn them into backlink. Here, there will be high chances of people mentioning your business without linking to it. You have to make use of some good social media tools & find out all the non-linked mentions and analyze those mentions & categorize them. Also, plan your outreach strategy for every category & convert the most relevant mentions into backlinks.

Earning backlinks from your visual content:

Just like you were advised to write relevant content for your blogs or guest blogs that will help you gain backlinks for your website, on similar grounds you also need to create useful information in the form of visuals by adding alt tags and hyperlink it to your site. By doing this if anyone clicks on your image on Google Image search will be eventually redirected to your site.

Nowadays, even youtube marketing is also taking place in SEO which provides a good opportunity to show your expertise in your field. This can not only help you to generate new leads for your business but also earn backlinks for your website.
This technique is been trending at present & will also be in the days to come.
You should make sure that you choose a search term that actually results in YouTube videos screening up in the SERPs. You just have to work towards getting your video ranked in Google search & not just YouTube search simply by generating YouTube-specific keyword ideas. Hunt for any types of keywords that result in YouTube videos being displayed on the front page of Google to see what people are looking for.
Once you figure out the right keywords to rank for, your next step will be creating your video. You will require certain key elements when it comes to producing quality YouTube videos like storytelling, writing, editing, composition, etc.

List Your Website:

Directory submission is a process of listing your blog or website on various web directories or business directories. There are numerous web directories available, which are both free & paid. You just need to submit your website under the category or subcategory for creating backlinks. But before that, you make sure you check the domain authority and page authority to make sure these directories are of high quality. Directory submission was trending in 2018, but it might probably take less precedence in 2019. Doing it is an added advantage, however, you should be wise enough to choose a directory to submit your business.

Social bookmarking:

This online service is one of the easiest ways of earning some good links for your website by storing, organizing & managing bookmarks of the web pages for your future reference. The web pages bookmarked by us at the social bookmarking sites will be considered as a quality by search engines.


Link building is not an activity which can be completed in a day or two. It requires time & efforts to get actual results. So, it is advisable for you to focus on white hat link building techniques & accordingly plan an effective outreach strategy. This technique remains one of the most important components of link building. Avoid investing your precious time & money in black hat link building techniques as it will only give negative results for your site.

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