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Why Real-Estate Marketing Should Go Inbound

Every marketer today is looking for the best marketing method to generate leads. Recently, most of the marketers including the real estate ones have realized the importance of inbound marketing. The marketers today have understood that inbound marketing is cost effective and an amazing tool to hit their target audience.

The internet has changed the way people used to buy properties 20 years before. At the same time, the internet has thrown a myriad of ways of marketing. And it has become overwhelming for even the seasoned marketers to decide the right kind of marketing.

The real estate is a booming industry and hence, it keeps on adding more feathers to its investment cap frequently. Now, to attract potential customers, it is imperative on the part of the real estate marketer to use such techniques that will not interrupt the user, provide useful information and drive him/her easily to the point of sale. If you cannot achieve this with your traditional marketing technique, let inbound marketing do it for you.

Before we move forward, It is important to understand how inbound marketing is different from outbound or interruptive marketing.

Outbound Marketing:

A very popular marketing technique that is forcefully pushing the user towards the brand is Outbound marketing. Traditional marketing such as the ads of TVs and Radios, banner and display ads are examples of outbound marketing. This kind of marketing is also known as Interruption marketing. The marketers drag the attention of the viewer from its main task and divert it towards his/her products or services.

Inbound Marketing:

The inbound marketing, on the other hand, focuses on your target audience. In place of those pushing messages and ads, inbound marketing will provide a specific room to establish your brand image. Also it facilitates a pathway through which the potential customers automatically come to the brand.
Content marketing is a kind of inbound marketing. Some of the notable examples include blogs posts, infographics, social media, white papers, and informative videos.

For instance, a blog post explaining the benefits of investing in Bengaluru properties or why one should invest in Mumbai will educate people about their subconscious queries and the information will automatically drag the consumer to the real estate brand.

Have a look at the below screenshot:

The Kanakia Group has produced a number of articles about the benefits of investing in Mumbai. The pieces of information will seek the attention of only those, who are looking forward to investing in a city like Mumbai. People will read the information and reach out to them for their queries. And this is what, inbound marketing is all about. Selecting the target persona and diverting them towards your business.

Let us dive in detail about the inbound marketing process for real estate and how it will help the marketers generate great leads.


The inbound marketing process for real estate will make use of quality content, search engine optimization, and social media to drive the attention of the prospective buyers. When the steps are implemented correctly, these methods will generate potential leads, convert the leads into sales and the company will get satisfied clients who will provide referrals for repeat business. The inbound marketing process for real estate is divided into the following steps:

Inbound Marketing Funnel

  • Attract website Visitors: Social media, Content Marketing, Search Engine Ranking
  • Convert visitors to leads: Visitors will download the information and contact the seller.
  • Convert leads to sales: Follow up from the company via email or sales
  • Convert sales to referrals & repeats: Provide the customers with a useful post buy information through email campaigns.

Why inbound marketing is a good fit for real estate?

As per a recent survey, 68% of the inbound marketers have felt that their marketing strategy was effective and on the other hand, 52% of the outbound marketers felt that their marketing strategies are not getting desired results. Just by pushing ads on the customers will not get you leads. People are bored of cold calls and the interruptive ads on their screens. 90% of the people have unsubscribed from receiving ads that are no longer useful to them.

Here are some of the notable reasons to take your real estate project on a boom with inbound marketing:

  1. Chances to be found online:

    Do you know the Google search engine caters to almost 3.5 million search queries per day? As compared to the other traditional marketing techniques, you have better visibility online. Inbound marketing will help you grab the attention of your prospective buyers. You need to not look for your potential buyers, your buyer will search for you and reach out to you.

  2. Target and return:

    When we talk about outbound marketing, we are targeting anyone and everyone. But, in case of inbound marketing you know you are hitting the right customers. For instance, we talked about the blog of Kanakia group in the earlier part of this blog. The topic was “benefits to invest in Mumbai”, this piece of information will be read by only those who are interested to invest in Mumbai. This is how inbound marketing helps to screen the right customers.

  3. Building trusts with prospects:

    We have always observed a lack of trust between real estate agents and buyers. The property buyers are under the perception that the real estate agencies do not care about their wishes and concerns.
    Inbound marketing can help you break these perceptions. By providing quality and informative content, you can educate people. The user will go through the blogs, articles, premium offers and so on, this will make them believe that they are being heard. When the customers are getting the right information from your company, they will trust you more.

  4. Stay connected:

    The process of real estate is a long one. You cannot say that once you have sold out the property, your task is over. It is compulsory to be in touch with the prospects and retain them for a lifetime. You need to continuously keep in touch with them with valuable information, great offers and so on to keep them close but the big question is how to do this? And the answer is inbound marketing. The inbound marketing strategy line Hubspot will keep you at the forefront and your customers would love to come back to you always.
    Inbound marketing is the need of the hour and if you have still not thought to add it to your real estate marketing strategy, it is high time that you do it.

Reach out to Leadfactory and we shall help you with the latest inbound marketing strategies and take your brand to the hearts and minds of the potential buyers.

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